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General Microbiology Lecture Notes

  1. Acid Fast staining
  2. Bio-safety in Microbiology Lab
  3. Clindamycin uses & concerns
  4. Colistin & multidrug resistant bacteria
  5. Biomedical waste management
  6. Bioinformatics
  7. Medical Informatics
  8. Training and implementation of Medical Informatics
  9. Health informatics
  10. Medical Informatics
  11. Culture media
  12. Culture Methods
  13. Culture Methods
  14. Isolation & Identification of Bacteria
  15. Infection
  16. Microscopy
  17. Staining
  18. Hand Washing
  19. Hand hygiene
  20. Needle stick & sharps injuries
  21. Microbial growth
  22. Anaerobic cultivation
  23. Hospital Acquired Infections Document File
  24. Hospital Infection Control Program
  25. Hospital Infections (New)
  26. Bioterrorism
  27. Bioterrorism by Dr. TV Rao
  28. Culture Media Preparation
  29. Sociomicrobiology
  30. Antibiotic Policy
  31. Antibiotics use & misuse
  32. Antibiotic Sensitivity Testing
  33. Quality Assurance in Antibiotic Sensitivity Testing
  34. Sterilization of Operation Theatre
  35. Fumigation of operation theatres
  36. Surveillance of Operation Theatres
  37. Hodge Test
  38. Gene Therapy Basics
  39. Gene Therapy
  40. Cephalosporins - Changing resistance
  41. WHONet-1
  42. WHONet-2
  43. PulseNet
  44. Laboratory Detection of ESBL
  45. ESBL - Dynamics & Detection
  46. Synthetic Biology
  47. Typhoid fever
  48. Typhoid fever An update
  49. Stem cells & Advances in Science
  50. Biofilms
  51. Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing Manual
  52. Identification of Bacterial Pathogens
  53. Health care precautions dealing multidrug resistant infected patients
  54. Disinfection in Hospital Practice
  55. Normal Flora
  56. Human safety in Dialysis unit
  57. Kirby-Bauer antibiotic sensitivity test
  58. Environmental Biosafety
  59. Medical Education & Technology
Source and copyright:Dr. Sudheer Kher

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Parasitology Lecture Notes

  1. Introduction + Lab Diagnosis
  2. Intestinal Protozoa E. histolytica Quiz, Quiz, Quiz
  3. Leishmania
  4. Trypanosomes Quiz
  5. Malaria Quiz
  6. Intestinal sporozoa & Toxoplasma
  7. Cestodes Quiz
  8. Trematodes 1/2 Quiz
  9. Trematodes 2/2
  10. Intestinal Nematodes Ascariasis Quiz, Quiz
  11. Tissue Nematodes Quiz
  12. Concentration methods for stool in parasitic infection
  13. Immunoassays/Serodiagnosis of Parasitic Infections
  14. Cryptospordium
  15. Community Acquired MRSA

Source and copyright:Dr. Sudheer Kher

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Immunology ppt Lecture notes

  1. Structure & functions of Immune system
  2. Immunity and its classification
  3. Antigen
  4. Antibody
  5. Complement
  6. Immune Response
  7. Serological Reactions
  8. Hypersensitivity reactions
  9. Autoimmune diseases
  10. Immunodeficiency diseases
  11. Immunology of transplantation and malignancy
  12. Innate Immunity
  13. Immune Response
  14. Humoral Immunity
  15. Immunity Overview
  16. Transplantation Immunity
  17. Immunity Basics
  18. Major Histocompatibility Antigens
Source and copyright:Dr. Sudheer Kher

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Bacteriology Powerpoint lecture notes


Virology Powerpoint lecture notes

  1. Introduction to Virology & Classification of viruses
  2. General properties of Viruses
  3. Virus Host Interaction
  4. Lab Diagnosis of viral infections
  5. Herpes
  6. Herpes viruses by Dr. TV Rao
  7. Cytomegalo virus by Dr. TV Rao
  8. Pox + Adeno
  9. Picorna + Entero
  10. Orthomyxo viruses
  11. Paramyxoviruses
  12. Arbo viruses
  13. Rhabdoviruses_Rabies
  14. Infectious Hepatitis viruses
  15. Hepatitis B, D.
  16. HIV-1/2
  17. HIV Infection, tests & testing strategies
  18. HIV 2/2
  19. Oncogenic viruses
  20. Miscellaneous viruses
  21. SARS CDC fact sheet pdf for print
Source and copyright:Dr. Sudheer Kher

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Community Medicine Presentations



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Source and copyright:

Dr Paul T Francis, MD
Com Med
College of Medicine, Zawia

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